Julie Turner, LCSW, LLC


Julie Turner, LCSW,  LLC 
                    Counseling Services  

Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling

Treatment to Support:

Mental Health                       Substance Services

Academics                                        Addiction
Anger Management                          Court Involvement
ADHD                                                Drug Screens  
Anxiety                                              Family Support
Depression                                        Relapse Prevention        
Divorce                                              Substance Use/Abuse   
Grief Loss                                          
Life Balance         
Post Traumatic Stress
Relationship Challenges
Self Esteem/Self Worth
Stress/Coping Skills

Legal and Court Services:

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Court Evaluations
Court Letters
School Hearing Evaluations
Urine Drug Screens
Breathalyzer Screens

Collaborative Services:

Julie Turner, LCSW, LLC and Jessica Jacobs, LCSW, LLC

Along with my colleague, Jessica Jacobs, LCSW, LLC, we provide treatment to meet the needs of an entire family or couple both individually and as a family unit.  Through the assessment process, we determine who would provide the individual counseling sessions and the accompanying family or couple sessions.  This provides an atmosphere which protects confidentiality, as well as, connects the individual work to the family unit.  Additionally, Julie and Jessica see members of a sibling group individually to further promote individual care.  Having therapists work together within a family, reduces treatment recommendation conflict and provides more unified care. 

For additional information about Jessica Jacobs' practice, please visit her website at jacobslcsw.com